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The benefits of having leaf guard rain gutters


A lot of homeowners spend a lot of time each season trying to get ready for the next one when it comes to fixing up the yard. You have to trim any branches that could fall onto your roof. You will see people sweeping the roofs of their homes, getting rid of all the leaves and branches that have fallen.

If you are getting tired of climbing to your rain gutters to clean them, because of the falling leaves, then you should read this article.
Leafguard Chicago has guards that stop anything from falling into your rain gutters.

Leaf guard rain gutters

2They look just like regular rain gutters however they have a top covering to them; this will not allow anything to fall into them causing them to get blocked and not letting the water run through the way it should. They are as deep as an average rain gutter, so they work the same way as your other gutters did. They mount on your home the same way too. You can get them in any color that you want, so they will look good sitting in your house.

Benefits of leaf guard

The first benefit is you will never have to climb a ladder and clean them; any time you have to get on the roof of your house is a chore that no one wants to do. A lot of people have fallen off their roofs and have done a lot of damages to themselves. If you can find a way not to have to climb to the top of your home would be a benefit in itself.

Durability of leaf guard rain gutter

They are made of the same material as the others. However, they are more durable because of the guard on top. They can withstand all type of weather. The rain gutters have been painted with a poly coated paint that will help prevent leaks and rust.


3They cost about the same as the ones that you have in your home now. They will charge you by the foot. If you have the same company that will install it, you will get a huge break on the cost.

When it comes to improving your home, it only makes the value go up, in which case means more money when and if you ever sell your home.