Day: February 10, 2018

Who should buy a condo?


Condominiums also referred to as condos, are common living units today. Condos are known for their some of their benefits like shared amenities, low maintenance costs, community living, and better security among others. However, most people, especially those buying a house for the first time are often troubled when deciding whether to buy a condo or a single family home. Condo living comes with many perks especially for young professionals, new couples or even retirees.

Young professionals


Young professional moving into a new city might find condos close to their working places attractive. Living in a facility that is close to their working area or connected to major commuter routes is of the essence.All these attributes will be undoubtedly attractive to young professionals. This is especially true from an economic perspective or when one needs to build real estate equity at a young age.

Young couples

Owning a condo can be a great way to start a family. The social opportunities and amenities offered by condo communities make condos ideal starter homes for most couples. If you are not planning to start a family soon, buying a condo is more practical than buying a house. Not just that, considering that there is less maintained needed, newlyweds are assured of more free time to celebrate their love.

Frequent travelers

Another list of people that find condo living practical are people that are always traveling. In case you are planning to go out for a month, you will probably be less stressed about the possibility of a break-in considering that condos offer more security than single-family homes. The maintenance-free life means that you can leave your home for as long as you wish. Presence of protection provided by home owner’s association and neighbors that are ever present will undoubtedly make you better.


aSdASASDcCondos are perfects for seniors and retirees. Communal living gives them a chance to socialize and remain active. Instead of living in isolation, condo living offers seniors a chance to move into a new home with a “new family.” Another benefit is that they no longer have to be troubled by landscaping chores like mowing, cleaning gutters, and leaf raking. This gives them ample time to celebrate life.

If you fall into this category, condos are undoubtedly right for you. For those that feel like single-family homes are good for them, condos form a decent way of expanding your investment portfolio.…