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Energy Efficient Decorations For The Garden


Every person loves a decorated outdoor space. In fact, it can make a great difference in the way you spend your time in the yard or garden. For instance, it can provide a nice setting for a barbecue with friends or a good place to relax in the evening as you sip your favorite wine.

tg2wed6chwed7uj2w8ei2Other than flowers, plants, and some innovative garden furniture, there are several ways of decorating your garden space that is low-cost and stylish. Moreover, there are energy-efficient ways to decorate your garden. In this post, you will learn some methods to decorate the garden.

Decorations for the garden

Solar outdoor lighting

This is energy efficient means of making the outside space appear spectacular. As much as some this lighting may be used for other purposes such as security, it makes your garden well-lit. This will make it easy for you to move around the garden. Also, the right choice of lighting can make a great difference as far as aesthetics are concerned. You can choose solar fairy lights. This is because they look fantastic as they form a canopy over the seating area where you can have a great time socializing with friends.

Moreover, they can be used in decorating a water feature or other items in the garden like pot, tree, or just a trellis. These types of lighting may appear as the ideal choice for outdoor lighting. Thus, if you need something classic, you should invest in decking lights or solar garden lanterns. They appear great when they are installed near a pond.

Solar powered fountain

t2gfw3edf6yedf7cju98i2This is another important suggestion that can make your garden look great. For instance, it can add some value to water features in the garden. Ensure your fountain is quite large to operate with only solar power. It is advisable to invest in a quality fountain than going for low-cost options. Also, ensure you purchase one with a battery backup. This will be quite helpful when running on low power. Always purchase a fountain that has a guarantee that it can work under cloudy weather.

LED candle

Most homeowners consider the idea of having a LED candle in their gardens as fake. However, some authentic models are on the market that can keep glowing for an extended period. Moreover, there are several styles and colors to choose. Thus, you need not worry about getting them extinguished by the wind.…

What To Consider When Remodeling Your Kitchen


As you know, the kitchen is regarded as a heart to every home. This is because it plays a critical role in a person’s live and it is a great gathering spot in the majority of homes. It accommodates your cooking requirements and offers adequate space for dining.

Most homeowners decide to remodel their kitchens with new styles and designs. However, they do not have adequate knowledge in this field. This explains why they spend a lot of money that results in skyrocketing budgets. The following are some ideas that can be helpful in kitchen remodeling.

Tips for remodeling your kitchen

Space and size

tgwed6cw7du28i22Space is the first thing you need to consider when remodeling a kitchen. Also, you need to figure out how that space will be filled. Thus, the kitchen ought to be spacious and provide adequate storage for certain things. Remember that kitchen remodeling may not be a tough task if you planned it in advance.

Replacing appliances

The choice of appliances makes your kitchen modern and beautiful. The majority of homeowners begin remodeling projects so that they replace outdated appliances. In this way, homeowners can improve their cooking ability to match that of a restaurant. The modern appliances have new features and high cooking speed that can benefit you a lot.

Flooring and cabinetry

A lot of folks do not think of flooring as a vital part when it comes to remodeling a home. By installing the right flooring, you can make your kitchen look attractive and brighter. Also, cabinetry plays a great role as far as kitchen remodeling is a concern. This is because it fills out all the things and provides a lot of space to your kitchen. The styles and design of cabinetry provide an attractive appearance to the kitchen.

Lightning and sink

tgwedcfwd6hw7j29i2Lightning is equally important in kitchen remodeling. The majority of homeowners choose recessed lighting. Remember that cabinets do block light from falling on counter tops. You can also incorporate under-cabinet lighting. Ensure you have got power outlets and a switch dedicated to that. Moreover, the sink plays a significant role in the kitchen.

Resale and investment

This is quite useful when it comes to remodeling your kitchen. If you are planning to sell or live in a given house in future, ensure the kitchen has unique styles that will be attractive to the buyers. Always add top appliance brands as they are a positive selling feature.…

Imperial Sugar Company’s Newsroom

ISC Launches Redesigned Retail Products Website

Imperial Sugar Company is set to launch its newly redesigned consumer websites on November 1 for both the Imperial Sugar and Dixie Crystals brands.

Sugar Land Heritage Foundation Plans Museum

The Sugar Land Heritage Foundation formally announced last month their plans for the opening of a museum to celebrate the people and history of Sugar Land.

Consumers Respond Positively to Pepsi Throwback

First introduced in December 2009, consumers have responded positively to Pepsi Throwback, which is made with real sugar.

Corn Stover May be the Next Big Biofuel

Agribusiness giants Monsanto, ADM and Deere have put together a project to invent the wheel on how corn stover would be baled, stored and transported to ethanol plants.

EPA Approves use of E15 Ethanol Blends

The Environmental Protection Agency has approved the use of E15 ethanol blends for cars and light trucks in the model year 2007 and after.

Cargill says Stevia Demand is Driving Erythritol Sales

Stevia sales are raising independent consumer demand for bulk sweetener erythritol, according to ingredients leader Cargill.

Ruling Imperils Sugar Production

U.S. sugar production will be cut by about 20 percent if farmers are banned from planting genetically modified beets next year, according to data prepared for the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Toyota to use Sugar Cane-based Material for Car Interiors

Toyota Motor Corp has announced it will introduce a new vehicle lining material that is made 30 percent from sugar cane to reduce petroleum consumption.


ISC Launches Redesigned Retail Products Website

Imperial Sugar Company is set to launch its newly redesigned consumer websites on November 1 for both the Imperial Sugar and Dixie Crystals brands.

LSR Refinery Set to Open Next Summer

Construction on the refinery being built by Louisiana Sugar Refining (LSR) continues to accelerate at a rapid pace and is scheduled for completion by the summer of 2011.
Ede Neville (right) with Pat Henneberry, Sr. VP of Sales & Commodities
ISC Thanks Sugar Land VP for Service
Imperial Sugar Company recently had the opportunity to recognize Ed Neville, VP of Industrial Products in Sugar Land, for his more than 25 years of service to the company.
More from Company


ConAgra Makes the Switch to Sugar

ConAgra Foods, one of Imperial Sugar Company’s top 10 industrial customers, has removed the high-fructose corn syrup from every bottle of its Hunt’s ketchup products and replaced it with liquid sugar from Imperial Sugar.
Tom Wilson, technical services manager, listens carefully during a customer audit.

Customer Audits Require Fine-Toothed Focus

A large food or beverage company, such as Sara Lee or Coca-Cola, doesn’t do business with just any supplier. That’s why before a food manufacturer begins purchasing bulk quantities of any ingredient, a supplier must undergo a rigorous audit to win customer approval – and ultimately, the business.
Dub Allen and his son, Brandon Johns, take a close look at the old Dublin Dr. Pepper delivery truck at the 119th Birthday Party for Dublin Dr. Pepper.

Celebrating a Long, Sweet Tradition

Imperial Sugar Company (ISC) helped long-time customer Dublin Dr Pepper Bottling Company cap off a week-long celebration of its 119th anniversary. Dublin Dr Pepper is the first Dr Pepper bottling plant and the longest-running, soft drink bottler in the world.…